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So it’s late…or early… I’m tired, but I can’t head to bed just yet. And I’m thinking… Should I even bother with trying to sell my art? Out of 2,472 “likes” on my Facebook page, only a very small portion of people actually see what I post, and even less actually click “like” on anything. I create a Patreon page, hoping at least some of my fans are willing to pay as little as $1 a month to gain access to exclusive content. Nothing. I add a bunch of new stuff to my Zazzle store, even promoting for Mother’s Day. Again, nothing. Probably because Facebook limits access to a very small percentage of people, although I’m not only promoting through Facebook, but through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr as well. Does this promoting thing only work if I can divulge all of my time into it and not create anything new? […]

Hello fans! I hope you are all well! I know I haven’t done too much interacting lately, but that’s because I’m busy busy behind-the-scenes. I know I also mentioned doing more print giveaways and I haven’t been on top of that. Since doing those are not really cost effective for me, I have found a different way to give away exclusive content, not just prints but other things as well, such as work-in-progress posts and more. If this sounds interesting, and you would like to help out the arts and myself and get exclusive content in return, please follow the link…I am now on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/ravenmoondesigns

A new 3D digital promotions group has been started…both on Facebook and deviantART. We are a group of artists and 3D content vendors working together to make great art using fabulous products, while also bringing more awareness of said products to other 3D artists. We, the artists, showcase just what can be done with some of the great products that are out there in the 3D content world. Our artwork can be found both on our Facebook page and our deviantART page. Please feel free to “like” and/or “watch” us to view all the great art we produce…and find out what products are out there in the 3D marketplace!

Let’s have a Q&A with the artist behind RavenMoon Designs. What’s your name and what do you go by online? I was born Brandy Stafford. My married name is Brandy Thomas. Online I go by Brandy, Ravyn/Raven, and RavynGyrl. I’ll answer to any of those names. How did you come by the name “RavynGyrl”? Back in high school (and for a bit after I graduated) I used to role-play. Yes, I was one of those…lol. One of my first characters was a Thief named Raven. She was one I played for quite a while. I even dressed up as her for Halloween one year. When I got online for the first time, I needed a username…for email and such. I tried Raven, but of course, it was already taken, as was Ravyn. So I added the Gyrl and found my username. I have used it ever since. Who are you? […]

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