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I’m holding my first print give-away! The goal is to get my Facebook artist page to 500 Likes. If you’re interested in a chance at winning your choice of a signed 8×10 print of either, “Glimmers of Stardust” or “Treasures of the Sea”, read on! The rules are simple…Share the image (here), leave a comment letting me know you Shared it, and Like my page (here). When the page reaches 500 Likes, 3 people will be randomly drawn to win a print! Good luck and have a great week!

Let’s have a Q&A with the artist behind RavenMoon Designs. What’s your name and what do you go by online? I was born Brandy Stafford. My married name is Brandy Thomas. Online I go by Brandy, Ravyn/Raven, and RavynGyrl. I’ll answer to any of those names. How did you come by the name “RavynGyrl”? Back in high school (and for a bit after I graduated) I used to role-play. Yes, I was one of those…lol. One of my first characters was a Thief named Raven. She was one I played for quite a while. I even dressed up as her for Halloween one year. When I got online for the first time, I needed a username…for email and such. I tried Raven, but of course, it was already taken, as was Ravyn. So I added the Gyrl and found my username. I have used it ever since. Who are you? […]

It’s that time again. I’ve gone ahead and submitted a few pieces to the American Art Awards. This is an online art competition where 25 of the best galleries in the US judge the submitted artwork. Anything from traditional, photography, photo-manipulation, digital, and even sculpture have a place to be seen. 300 pieces of art will place 1st through 6th in each of the 52 categories. It’s an awesome way to get your artwork seen! Last year I entered for the first time, although it was the second year running for the contest. I didn’t expect to place at all. Of course, I hoped…but never outright expected anything. Imagine my surprise (and yes, shock) when I found out I tied for 4th place with one piece and also tied 6th place with another in the digital category! The two pieces that placed are below. Placing was only the first bit […]

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